12 Easy Weight Loss Tips

Feb 27, 2023 MY Blog

Losing weight can be very difficult to accomplish but by doing a few simple things your can make your weight loss efforts much more effective. Implementing a couple of basic ideas can contribute substantially to an effort to lose weight.

Here are a few simple and easy weight loss tips:


  • Keep a food diary and make sure you write down all the food you eat as well as the size of the portions.
  • Never shop when you are hungry. To shop on an empty stomach is a sure why to buy fattening foods that you would never have bought otherwise.
  • Make a shopping list before you go shopping and buy only buy the items on the list. Not only will you save some money but you will refrain from “buying for the taste”.
  • Another good habit is not to keep high-fat, high-sugarĀ Phengold phentermine over the counter foods in your home. It is a fact, if it is there you are going to eat it.
  • Make two meals of it! When you are dining at a restaurants, eat only half your meal. Ask for a “doggy bag” and take the rest home. Restaurants normally serve big meals to ensure their customers thing they are getting value for their money.
  • When eating at home make a habit of it to dish up smaller servings and refrain from taking a second serving.
  • Take your meals at a table and not in front of the TV. You will spent less time eating and eat less.
  • Write down you weight loss goals and read it frequently. Keep it realistic and modest, aim for slow but sustained weight loss. Don’t aim to high and make it too difficult to attain.
  • Get your family and friends to support you in your weight loss endeavor.
  • Accept the fact that there are going to be bad days and setbacks, it is not the end of the world if you regain a bit of weight. Use the opportunity to check you food diary and goals to find out where you went wrong.
  • Do more exercise, drive less and walk more, join a gym, start jogging, any exercise is better than none!
  • Last but not the least, get a decent diet or weight loss plan and follow it!


By following some or all these tips you will find it much easier to lose and control your weight. To lose weight you need to take charge of your eating habits and the things in you way of life that cause you to be overweight.